Quality products at attractive prices

p2 cosmetics is a young, glamorous and vibrant cosmetic brand that is continually coordinating its product range with the latest trends and looks on the international catwalk. The focus lies on the quality of the products: all products are extensively tested for skin and eye compatibility. p2 cosmetics offers products from all areas of decorative cosmetics at attractive prices for lips, eyes, face and nails. A professional nail care range also forms part of the p2 product range. Our p2 trend scouts are constantly on the look-out around the world tracking down popular looks and fresh make-up trends in the international fashion capitals and use them to create completely new, cutting edge beauty worlds.


Certification according to ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized standard for the certification of quality management systems. Being awarded ISO 9001 certification is proof that a company is fully focused on its customers’ demands and requirements, that its processes are designed to be efficient and reliable, that it implements any modifications that are necessary, and that it operates in a results-oriented manner. By emphasizing the importance of processes, ISO 9001 also forms an ideal integration platform on which a company can successfully manage all the many different requirements regarding quality, the environment, workplace safety and health protection, corporate social responsibility (CSR), risk and other standards that are relevant to the sector. The ISO 9001 certificate itself is issued following a successful external audit conducted by an independent, accredited certification point, such as Quality Austria. The certificate is valid for three years, and is monitored annually.

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IFS Broker Certification

IFS Broker (International Featured Standard Broker) is a standardized process for certifying the quality management procedures in commercial enterprises. It is based on the widely used IFS Food standard. It was created to guarantee the safety and quality of products and to close the gap between manufacturing and sales. IFS Broker checks whether a broker or importer has implemented suitable measures in their processes to ensure that their suppliers comply with all the relevant food safety and quality requirements, and then monitor this compliance to guarantee that the products supplied meet all the legal regulations and contractual specifications.

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EFQM Recognised for Excellence 3 star *** award

EFQM Recognised for Excellence is an internationally recognized award, granted by the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management). The EFQM Excellence model and RADAR logic are used in a specific way to implement improvement projects in a structured manner. The aim is to achieve tangible improvements which will improve performance across the entire organization.

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Statement about animal testing

p2 Kosmetik GmbH does not commission any testing on animals. Neither does it procure any premanufactured recipes from producers that commission or have commissioned tests on animals. Testing cosmetic products on animals is prohibited by law throughout the EU. It is also illegal to market cosmetic products that have been tested on animals. The use of raw materials that have been tested on animals in cosmetics has also been prohibited by law since 2013, if these raw materials were tested specifically for that purpose. p2 Kosmetik GmbH complies fully with this legal requirement, as does its parent company, the Maesa Group in Paris, and every other subsidiary of the Maesa Group.

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Product safety tested by WESSLING GmbH

The WESSLING Group is one of the leading consulting, analysis and testing companies working in the fields of quality, safety, environmental protection and health protection. In order to fulfill its due diligence obligations, p2 cosmetics regularly sends its primary packaging materials and end products to laboratories, where their chemical, microbiological and physical parameters are tested. These tests identify all the parameters that are critical for compliance with quality, product safety, legal and environmental regulations. These parameters can then be actively controlled and managed.